Weekend in Bruges, Belgium

Last weekend we took a three hour train ride to the beautiful and romantic city of Bruges! Bruges, also sometimes spelled Brugge, is full of cobblestone pedestrian streets, old brick buildings, picturesque canals and of course amazing chocolate & waffles!

Ryker was so excited to be on the train and loved looking out the windows! (Also look at those blonde curls!!)
Made it to Bruges! Walking from the train station to our Airbnb and stopping to enjoy some of the beautiful canals and buildings.
We bought some Belgian chocolate here – yum! And some Stroopwaffles (which I believe are Dutch, I first discovered them in Amsterdam, and they are AMAZING!)
The Watson family in front of the Belfry of Bruges!
When in Belgium… had to get a Belgian waffle! It was better than I ever imagined a waffle could be. I went to Chez Albert, although there are many many places you can get a good waffle. I saw them making it, and the dough that was put into the waffle machine was super think, more like a biscuit than how we normally make waffle batter. I need to figure out how to make these!
Caught red handed eating sand :) A really cool park around the corner from our Airbnb
The rain didn’t stop us from exploring!
The boys in front of Church of Our Lady Bruges
Belgian beer! Really good beer flight at The Bruges Beer Experience. Ryker loved playing with the coasters and throwing them on the ground.
Walking and exploring the cute streets.
One of the chocolate shops had this really cool hot chocolate bar! It was delicious and perfect for a raining afternoon.
We went out to dinner on Saturday and ordered one of the traditional Belgian meals – mussels and frites!
Despite that look on his face, Ryker actually really liked eating the mussels!
More pretty canals :)
Sunday morning walk to the Markt of Bruges, we beat the rest of the tourists!
Eric and Ryker and the Belfry.
Sleepy dude :)
Dancing in the rain in front of Sint-Salvatorskathedraal!

Thanks for a great family weekend getaway Bruges!