Christmas & New Years with the Nespors!

We were fortunate enough to have Amanda’s family meet us in Europe for the holidays! It was so great to see them! Colleen, Jeff, Chris and Jack all flew out and met us in Frankfurt. Then, after 3 days there, we all took a train into the Czech Republic and spent 7 days in Prague. Prague was amazing! Here are some pictures from Christmas, New Years, and our time with family!

They arrived in Frankfurt on Christmas eve, Eric and I had a delicious traditional German meal waiting for them: schnitzel and spatzle! Then we all decorated some homemade Christmas sugar cookies – yumm!


Christmas day family pic in old town Frankfurt!


After Christmas in Frankfurt, we took a nice train ride to Prague. Prague is beautiful! We had a great time walking around and exploring the city. Plus, one day we rented a car and drive to the small Czech town of Osík – which is where the Nespor name originated way back in the mid-1600s!! My grandpa has done a ton of research and has a huge, 8 generation family tree mapped out. He has also found out the town and the house our ancestors lived in! About 2 hours outside of Prague we found Osík, a TINY town, which was along a beautiful river. It was really neat being in the same town, on the same paths, looking at the same house, as my great, great, great, great, great, great, great, grandparents and their families. What a neat experience!

DSC_0035 copy
In front of Osík 8 – our ancestors house!


DSC_0047 copy

DSC_0037 copy
Beautiful Osík!

But my favorite part of Prague was New Years! We started the evening at Lokal, a long beer hall. Perfect for a few tasty beers to start the night. Then we made our way to a pub called The Beer Museum, where we played a lot of card games and dice. We taught our parents how to play the dice game Three Man! From there we made our way to the main square of Old Town Prague (aka Prague 1). The square was packed, there was live music, a huge Christmas tree and several gorgeous, lit up buildings. The best part though? It was snowing!! We got to ring in the new year dancing in the snow surrounded by castle-like towers and fireworks. Amazing!!


Happy New Year!

Thanks again to the Nespors for visiting us in Europe, we had a great time with you!! :)

Frankfurt for a few days!

Hello! Here’s a quick update on Frankfurt, then next up a post about the holidays with the Nespors!

We spent a few days in Frankfurt and really enjoyed it! Frankfurt is a city that has a neat blend of really old, cool buildings with ultra modern skyscrapers. Eric and I both agreed that Frankfurt is not necessarily a city we would recommend to someone doing a short vacation in Europe BUT we thought it would be a great city to live in. There seemed to be a lot of jobs, especially in finance and banking, everyone was really nice and seemed to be enjoying life, and there seemed like a good amount to do in the city (mainly centered around beer gardens in the summer and hot apple wine in the winter). All in all, a good stop but nothing too special to note – except for the enormous Christmas market!! :)

At the Christmas market!